This Time I am Talking About a Movie

First and foremost, I am really having a rough time titling my posts. Just thought it should be said, because clearly they are lack luster at best.

Now, the whole point of this point of this post is to pontificate on the matter of a movie me and my lady recently watched. That movie was Get Out!, and honestly it was amazing. When I first read the list of nominations for best picture last year I was a little skeptical. It felt like the academy was trying to avoid a repeat of 2017, when there wasn’t a single movie with an African American lead or director involved in the best picture discussion.

Also, very important, absolutely do not continue reading this if you have not seen the movie.

Now, having seen the movie, I can say without a doubt that this deserved its nomination. The lead actor Daniel Kaluuya, was incredible. Having seen him in one of my favorite episodes of Black Mirror and being thoroughly impressed with his ability, he did not disappoint. In his debut as a director, Jordan Peele created a story that pulled me in and kept me in suspense. While the ending was a little obvious as a whole, everyone dying and the main character getting away, the finer points were very intriguing. I was wondering if the girl friend was involved or brain washed herself until just about the end. I had no idea what they were using the people for at all, and quite frankly, the bingo scene baffled me until the end credits rolled.

I watched this movie with my better half, and 90% of the times I watch anything with her, she is distracted about half way through. She didn’t take her eyes off the screen the whole time, there is no greater compliment I can give.

Your Underutilized Whitespace,
BH Calkins