Pointless Words and Endless Pages

The title for this blog post was a placeholder created by wordpress.com, but it feels adequate so I guess I will leave it and pontificate on other things.

Pompous, preposterous, hallucinogenic, are all words that have one thing in common, I needed spell check to spell them correctly. But seriously, when I was in grade school I was taught it was necessary to memorize spellings, to know my multiplication tables. Can anyone remember the last time they went 12 x 12 is 144, thank god I knew that. And yes I did remember that, but I also used my phone’s calculator to check and make sure I was right.

Do you go anywhere without your all knowing smart phone? Do we need to memorize facts about history anymore or is Wikipedia just going to write and rewrite our history for us. Remember that movie that one time with that awesome actor who you just loved? Remember a time when you would sit in a bar and try so hard to figure out who it was and the amazing conversation that spouted off from that. I don’t, I’ve had an iphone since I was in high school and  all I know are smug looks after a couple taps on the phone. One person enjoying being right and a bunch of others not enjoying it all that much.

Has technology ruined social interaction? Do we all need to go somewhere wifi doesn’t exist every once in a while? Are schools teaching us the things we actually need to know to thrive is the constantly changing and evolving world? I am sure as hell no expert, but it doesn’t mean I won’t write my wholly unqualified opinion.

Your unqualified whitespace,
BH Calkins

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