What’s on my Mind Today

I am in Costa Rica, enjoying quite a lovely time with my one and only. A nice cold Imperial Roja Cervesa on my desk and I feel like talking about what I am thinking. Just kind of writing some stream of consciousness stuff right here.

I saw Solo today in IMAX, and I have got to tell you all, having never seen a movie in IMAX before, it was a fantastic choice. I really could feel the intergalactic monsters charging right at me. Also really loud, I cannot stress how goddamn loud that movie was. Now the movie itself is exactly what I expected. A very entertaining money grab. Absolutely worth watching in theaters but not exactly a mind blowing performance by any measure. Best part, in my humble opinion, was Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, the man is just on fire right now and can do zero wrongs.

And that is going to be all for now folks,
Beunos Noches de Costa Rica
BH Calkins

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